Contact information for currently active radar entomology research groups.

Chapman, Dr J.W. (Jason) (University of Exeter) (44)-1582-763133 ext. 2454.

Colpitts, B. (Bruce) (UNBECE)

Drake, Dr V.A. (Alistair) (UNSW Canberra) (61)-409-651-257.

Feng, Dr H. (Hongqiang) (Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhengzhou, China) /

Hao, Dr Z. (Zhenhua) (UNSW Canberra)

Hu, Prof C. (Cheng) (Beijing Institute of Technology),

Hu, Prof G. (Gao) (Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China)

Otuka, Dr A. (Akira) National Agricultural and Food Research Organization, Tsukuba, Japan.

Reynolds, Dr D.R. (Don) (NRI) (44)-1684-883223.

Stepanian, Dr P.M. (Phillip) (University of Notre Dame, IN, USA)

Wang, Dr H. (Haikou) (Australian Plague Locust Commission, Canberra, Australia)

Zhai, Dr B. (Baoping) (NAU) (86)-25-4395242.

As the field grows, and overlap of radar entomology with related disciplines becomes stronger, it has increasingly become impractical to maintain a list of active participants. The short list here does not aim to be complete. Suggestions for revisions and additions are welcome: email Alistair Drake.

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