Contact information for individual radar entomologists who are currently active. Order is alphabetical.

Chapman, Dr J.W. (Jason) (University of Exeter) (44)-1582-763133 ext. 2454.

Cheng, Prof. D. (Dengfa) (CAAS)> (86)-10-62815935.

Colpitts, B. (Bruce) (UNBECE)

Drake, Dr V.A. (Alistair) (UNSW Canberra) (61)-409-651-257.

Feng, Dr H. (Hongqiang) (Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhengzhou, China) /

Lim, Dr K.S. (Jason) (Rothamsted Research) (44)-1582 938677.

Hao, Dr Z. (Zhenhua) (UNSW Canberra)

Hu, Prof C. (Cheng) (Beijing Institute of Technology),

Reynolds, Dr D.R. (Don) (NRI) (44)-1684-883223.

Stepanian, Dr P.M. (Phillip) (Corix Institute, University of Oklahoma)

Wang, Dr H. (Haikou) (formerly ASoP, now at Australian Plague Locust Commission, Canberra, Australia)

Zhai, Dr B. (Baoping) (NAU) (86)-25-4395242.

As the field grows, and overlap of radar entomology with related disciplines becomes stronger, it has increasingly become impractical to maintain a list of active participants. The short list here does not aim to be complete. Suggestions for revisions and additions are welcome: email Alistair Drake.

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