Bibliography up to 2000

A list of scientific publications with “significant” radar-entomology (RE) content.

Publications with only a small amount of RE material have generally been included, unless the RE content is entirely derivative (i.e. it also appears in a publication that is included in the list); publications focussing on RE are included even if they are entirely derivative. With the exception of four very early (1947-1948) notes, publications on “dot angels” or “clear-air echo” are included only if the source of reflectivity is positively identified as insects. Inevitably, some publications are borderline on one or more of these criteria. Apart from one or two early examples of historical interest, ordinary (short) abstracts of conference talks are not included; ‘extended abstracts’ (2-4 pp.) are regarded as conference publications and included.

The publications listed here almost all fall into two broad categories: those written by and for entomologists, and focussing on insect behaviours; and those written by and for radar meteorologists, and focussing on insects as one source of the echo that weather radars detect. Since the mid-1990s, there has been renewed interest among radar meteorologists in insects and other biological material as sources of atmospheric reflectivity. In many papers written by radar meteorologists, material on insects is confined to one or two paragraphs and/or one or two figures. TREWS aims to include the more important of these, but papers in which material on insect echoes is very limited will generally be omitted. Rather similarly, since about 2010 radar entomology has started to be subsumed within a broader discipline of ‘radar aeroecology’ covering also bird and bat observations; some publications that are primarily concerned with vertebrate targets contain enough material on insects to warrant inclusion here.

A small number of papers describe uses of microwave technology in rather different entomological applications, for example hand-held devices for relocating tagged insects or insects within burrows, and actographs for laboratory bioassays of insect behaviour. These papers have been included to give an indication of the breadth of entomological applications of radar and microwave technology, but such topics are not the focus of TREWS and it is not intended to continue including publications on them indefinitely.

Myres (1970) and Greneker & Corbin (1978) are earlier bibliographies of this topic. Plank (1956), Riley (1980, 1989a, 1989c), Vaughn (1985), Chapman et al. (2004), and Chapman et al. (2011) have reviewed different aspects of it, while Reynolds et al. (1997) review it (and some alternatives) as a methodology for practising entomologists. Reynolds et al. (2017), Drake & Bruderer (2017), and Noskov et al. (2021) are more recent reviews, the last incorporating literature up to 2020; Rhodes et al. (2021) discuss radar as one of several remote-sensing technologies available to entomologists. Drake & Farrow (1988) and Burt and Pedgley (1997) are reviews of the biometeorology of insect migration that draw heavily on the literature of radar entomology. Drake & Reynolds (2012) is a monograph extending over all aspects of radar entomology and the insect migratory and flight behaviours revealed through its use.

Where papers are available online and are open access, this is indicated in the entry – either by providing a ‘doi’ or a direct link. (To use the doi, copy it to the search field of your browser.) These indications are found mainly for recent papers. Some older papers may now also be freely downloadable, as many journals make all their content open access after 5 or 10 years; however, no attempt has been made to systematically identify these.

Publications are listed chronologically (alphabetically by author within year). The icons denote the type of publication – journal paper, book chapter, etc.

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For later publications, see pages Bibliography 2001-2020 and Bibliography 2021-present

List of publications in chronological order


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